Genetics For Kids Premium Test

Genetics For Kids Premium Test

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The Genetics For Kids Premium Test includes 66 scientifically validated and clinically proven genes along with a Personal Phone Consultation to discuss the results and offer recommendations.

A Detailed Summary Report of your Genetic Test.
Our test covers 66 genes that examine the following areas of health:
 Methylation      
 Neurotransmitters covering potential Mood Disorders, ADD, ADHD, Anxiety,
Anger, Sleep, Bipolar Disorders, etc.     
 Mitochondria 
 Autophagy   
 Detoxification
 Inflammation covering genetic markers for Gastro Health, Risk of Gluten
Based Issues, Histamines and D3 Receptors
 Inflammatory Environmental
 Assessment of risk factors Autoimmune Diseases, Chronic Diseases,
Autism, and more.
 Health Conditions covering any risk factors for Clotting, Hypothyroidism,
Hypertension, Estrogen Metabolism.
 Neurotrophic Factors
 Neuro-inflammation
 Sugar Sensitivity
 Mood Disorders
 Lactose Intolerance

Personal Consultation:

Along with the DNA report you will get a personal phone consultation with a Genetics For Kids Healthcare Professional to further define the results of your test and offer recommendations addressing any of the Polymorphisms (mutations) identified in your Genetic Test. 

An In Person Visit:
If requested and if feasible, we will arrange an in person visit at the location of a
Health Care Professional at the discretion of Genetics For Kids.


Multiple Children Discount:
After purchasing one (1) Genetics For Kids Premium at $990.00, you can purchase a second (2) test at $890.00, a third (3) at $790.00.